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Frequent Asked Questions




Yes we are, we have a "permission for commercial operations" (PFCO)  granted by the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority) & also completed a flight test provided by a National Qualified Entity (NQE)

What weather conditions prevent you to fly?

Heavy rain, high winds exceeding 20mph can prevent take off, sleet & falling snow.

What else can stop you from flying?

No fly zones can stop us from flying near airports,football stadiums, in the middle of city's ECT but we may be able to get a permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. 

How far can you fly?

We can fly up to 400 feet ( 122 Metres) above ground level & 500 Meters away from the pilot as long as it's in the pilot's line of sight.

The aircraft are set internally so these permitters are not breached.

How long can you fly for? 

we can fly for around 23/25 minutes per battery on the DJI Phantom 4 & around 20/24 minutes per battery on the DJI  Inspire 1 pro.

We normally aim for 20 minutes to allow for post flight checks.

How many people does it take to operate a SUA?

Even though you can operate a SUA with one person we try to utilise at least two people for the best results.

Can we operate indoors? 

Yes we can but the room that we will be operating inside needs to be  big enough so it accommodates the SUA  safely.

What insurance does cloud 9 have?

Cloud 9 is fully insured including public liability insurance.

We also work within strict guidelines to ensure safety at all times set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Will We Lose Our Deposit?

If you change your mind on the project/job i'm afraid the answer is yes however if the weather turns bad & it's deemed unsafe to fly we will endeavour to reschedule the flight.

If we can't reschedule for some reason then you would have your deposit returned.